Mendocino County writer Jerry Huckaby will appear regularly on the Literary Page of CNS News & Features. His columns, called "Literary Lessons," will appear twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Huckaby is the former editor of the Mendocino Art Center's Arts & Entertainment Magazine. He has written two published books--City, Uncity and Huckaby's Fables--worked as a writer for Time, Inc., and taught writing and literature at Immaculate Heart College for 19 years, among other things. His Bio gives some of the highlights of a varied past.

Huckaby is known well known for his quick wit and humor. He is a welcome addition to CNS.

Said Huckaby, "The possiblity of enlarging my readership from the 10,000 or so in Mendocino County to 30 million or more, world-wide, is a very exciting prospect. This is my first experiment in working with the new electronic media. It is a new world; it is probably going to revolutionize everything. It is great fun to be, not perhaps on the ground floor, but certainly in at the beginning."


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