Huckaby on Huckaby:

Gerald Huckaby is former editor of the Mendocino Art Center's monthly magazine A&E, and has in the past worked as a summer relief correspondent for Time, Inc., flew B-57 Canberras in the Air Force, taught Literature and Writing for 19 years at Immaculate Heart College in Hollywood and was co-director of the Graduate Writing Program there, wrote educational materials for a number of TV programs (The Shakespeare Series, The Vikings!, The Count of Monte Cristo, Eleanor and Franklin, the Smithsonian's Flight, Nickelodeon, etc.), and was Public Relations Director for the Queen Mary and Spruce Goose in Long Beach, and is sorry for this long sentence. He is also sorry for the small damages he has inadvertantly visited on society, but, after all, he has had to make a living somehow.

He has a wife of some 26 years who communicates by rolling her eyes at whatever he says, a 19-year-old son who answers everthing by saying, "Hey, this is the nineties," and a twelve-year-old black cat who provides him with more mice than he can possibly find uses for. After a lifetime in Los Angeles and Hollywood, he now lives in the tiny village of Elk, which sometimes appears on the maps about 150 miles north of San Francisco, right at the spot the San Andreas Fault sprints out into the Pacific Ocean.

He has two published books, City, Uncity in 1969, a book of poems Doubleday printed only because the artist Corita Kent illustrated it, and Huckaby's Fables in 1980, printed by New York's Cherry Lane Publications under the impression it was both funny and profound. You know how mistaken those East Coast enthusiasms can be--take Andy Warhol, for instance. And he is determined to keep writing no matter what you say.

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