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By Joe Smith

Every autumn on the first day of hunting season, deer appear in my backyard. I don't know if they're the same animals every year or how they know so precisely the time to seek a haven from men in plaid jackets wielding fire sticks. One morning the deer are simply there, as if they'd been mailed copies of the hunting regulations...

EARTHQUAKE OR FIRE? - Part II: Waiting for the Big One
canton.jpg (9235 bytes) By Louis Martin

He looks like a survivor, this one. Big guy, about sixty, gray hair straight back, bad-boy baseball cap on backwards, T-shirt, shades, and arms with recessed splotches looking like old burns. His cab is parked at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco, the only structure other than the Flood mansion that survived the Big One of '06....

Millenniumn Bug
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By Joe Smith

About the time of the spring equinox the gray whales passing the Mendocino headlands slow down and veer towards the shore to rubberneck the tourists gathered on the bluffs. Thewhales, fresh from happy matings in the tepid, colorful watersoff Baja, wish to amuse their spawn with the curious sight of bipeds in leisure apparel clutching glasses of fruity Chardonnay ...


EARTHQUAKE OR FIRE? - Part I: Revising the Facts
earthquake_fire-s.jpg (11814 bytes) By Louis Martin

It is early June and there are a few tourists walking north along Leavenworth towards the Cannery and all that tourist stuff at the edge of the Bay. It is a bright clear day with just little white puffs of drifting clouds. It is such a pretty day, in fact, that it is hard to imagine any other kind of day here in the City....

Witness Tree: Skunk

  By Joe Smith

In August they go walking down the Skunk Train tracks to their favorite swimming hole on the river. Redwoods shield them from the sun for the first half mile. Rays from that nearest star stream through chinks in the dense green canopy, shafts of light choked with dust and pollen, millions of small deaths ...

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Faces in the Clouds: Nob Hill Visions
By Louis Martin

You can hate it, you can despise it, you can call it "Snob Hill" in a fit of rage and condemn everyone who has ever lived there. But when you calm down and look around, you've got to admit there is no place like it....